Hi, I'm Lexi.

Hey there, wanderlust souls! I'm Lexi, a light-chasing, adventure-loving photographer who's seriously down for spontaneous sunrises and epic sunset chases. Think less "picture perfect" and more "hair-in-the-wind, laughter-lines-etched-deep" kind of vibes"

 Forget about recreating Pinterest boards – my lens craves authentic moments, the raw beauty of real life unfolding. I want to capture the goosebumps you get when that first wave crashes over your toes, the tear that rolls down your cheek during a heartfelt vow, the pure joy of a kid covered in mud and grinning from ear to ear.

My Style?

Think sun-kissed skin, wind-tousled hair, and emotions so real they practically jump off the screen. I'm all about capturing the spirit of the moment, the unfiltered magic that makes your heart skip a beat. Trust me, there's more to life than perfectly posed smiles and staged scenes. Let's chase the light, capture chaos with a grin, and create memories that make your soul sing.



""There's so much I can say about Lexi and her skills, but first I have to say she's such an amazing person on top of it. I've been getting my photos by her since it all began and there's a reason why I'm still here! She is my husband and I's go to for couples photos. She gets THE best photos of us. We always feel so comfortable with her and even my husband who isn't experienced in front of the camera ends up feeling right at home each time. She brings out the best in us for sure."

—KP + Brandon

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